Diabetic Sufferers! Ignore Diabetic Neuropathy at Your Peril

Diabetic neuropathy is a disease; yes a disease of the peripheral nerves and not to be dismissed as something trivial. This condition can lead to serious complications, causes weakness and numbness.

You ignore this at your peril; it does not matter whether the condition is acute or chronic. Diabetics, who do not control their diabetes, are in the highest risk category of developing diabetic neuropathy. Be alert to the problem, for nerve disorders for diabetics can lead to serious ailments, so be aware of this horrendous condition, it is a dysfunction of peripheral nerves.


The peripheral nervous system is the system outside the brain and spinal cord.

The best preventive measure against diabetic neuropathy is to control the blood glucose levels to as normal as possible.

The feet are a vulnerable part and those with a higher risk of diabetic neuropathy, should be seen regularly by podiatrist/chiropodist and wear comfortable and fitting footwear. Even if you are not in a high risk factor, you must check your feet regularly and visit your podiatrist/chiropodist often. You don’t see the underneath of your feet as a normal everyday occurrence.

One of the many problems of a diabetic patient is the numbness of the feet, and because you don’t often see the bottom of your feet sores and ulcers could be playing havoc, you may not notice this because you don’t feel this. Check your feet daily, and make regular appointments to see your podiatrist/chiropodist. They will treat the nails, hard skin, calluses and nip in the bud other serious problems that may occur.

It is important to check your feet regularly, as lower limb amputations are directly linked to the unseen problems that occur in your feet, through basically carelessness. So please check your feet regularly to save untold misery. Regular checks that’s it.

Wear perfectly fitting comfortable shoes, if you are walking, jogging or running. If you unfortunately get blisters attend to them right away before they get infected.

You must give priority to looking after your feet even if you are not in the high risk category.

All diabetics are susceptible to foot problems. Diabetics are prone to a reduced sense of touch, as you need food daily, make it a point to check your feet daily, make this a daily habit.

At present there is no medication to treat the reduced sense of touch.

Be in touch with your physician or doctor and pay attention to all the programmes vetted and organised by the different branches of medicine that hopefully controls your diabetes

Cause and symptoms

Diabetic neuropathy is caused by a prolonged high blood glucose level. If the blood glucose levels rise above a certain level, the nerves throughout the body begin to be damaged.

See your physician or doctor immediately, you notice burning, tingling or numbness in your feet or hands. You will be tested in hospital for neuropathy.

If the diagnosis is acute neuropathy, it could disappear when your diabetes is brought under control. But chronic neuropathy has more serious implications.

The most common form of neuropathy in the sensory system is the loss of feeling in the lower limbs. Insensitivity to touch is far less in the hands and arms, but occurs more often in the feet and legs. This insensitivity may not cause pain when walking, but the loss of feeling makes you unaware of any immediate damage to the feet. The wearing of tight fitting footwear, wrong type of footwear can cause foot ulcers, which you were probably unaware.

Always check your feet whenever you remove your footwear, if there is a problem attend to it right away.

Neuropathy in the inner organs, namely the autonomic nervous system, can cause dizziness, especially if you stand up too quickly. Sometimes after a meal you may experience nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, difficulty in passing urine and low and behold the dreaded constipation, and of course impotence for men.

The best medicine against diabetic neuropathy is to control your blood sugar levels and try to keep it to normal levels.

It is your body and your health, so look after them and if you do get problems see your physician or doctor immediately, because like everything else diabetic neuropathy can be controlled.

Diabetes is a horrendous disease, so don’t let it get out of control. Take the necessary precautions and you can still live a relatively normal life. Take care.

Source by Tony C De Silva

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