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Nursing Considerations Of Diabetic Nephropathy

Monitor your patient’s blood glucose levels frequently. As her kidney function deteriorates, she may need less insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs. That’s because one-third of insulin is metabolized and excreted by the kidneys, and as her kidney function deteriorates, insulin is available in the bloodstream for a longer time. Monitor her for signs and symptoms […]

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Air pollution contributes to diabetes – Health News

New Delhi, Jun 30 (ANI): Reducing pollution may lead to a drop in diabetes cases in heavily polluted countries such as India and less polluted ones such as the … source

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Type 2 Diabetes – Reasons To Avoid Tanning Beds If You Are a Diabetic

Some people tan very easily in the sun after only a short period of time. Others tend to burn. Many people use tanning salons and beds to develop an artificial tan due to lack of time, or for personal preference. Here are a few reasons to consider before tanning if you suffer from Type 1 […]

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Ramzan aur Sugar Diabetic Patients by Hakeem Muhammad Amin Baig | Life Skills Tv

Ramzan aur Sugar Diabetic Patients – Should people with Diabetes Fast ? – Ramadan and Diabetes – sugar patients ko sahri mein kia khana chahye / what can … source

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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Setting Weight Loss Goals

There is a relatively difference between how fast you think you should lose weight, and how quickly you actually should. It is common to be unrealistic when planning out weight loss objectives. Twenty pounds in two months, or forty pounds in six, some will say. These are significant numbers that are easier said than done. […]

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Diabetes Problems | Reasons And Treatment l Homeocare International | Good Health | V6 News

Good Health is a Featured Program on Health by V6, Today’s Program is about reasons for diabetes and treatment. Dr. Jyothi from Homeocare International, will … source

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Factors That Can Increase Your Risk of Diabetes

There are three primary types of this disease known as type 1 and type 2, and the third one is called gestational diabetes. Regardless of the type, diabetes stops your body from making or using insulin. According to statistics, around 25% of people don’t even know they have diabetes. In the United States, that amount […]

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Crypto Ppars Singapore | Diabetes is NO MORE a silent killer | Taiwan News

Medical Achievement ! Crypto PPARs was given The Right To Make Therapeutic Claims of Treating Diabetes! BUY ONLINE: … source

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Type 2 Diabetes: A Diet Plan for Healthy Eating

Blood Glucose Level Control There are three principal ways to maintain control of blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes patients. They are diet, exercise and medication. Each of these in turn contributes substantially to the overall control so essential for those with diabetes. With diabetes, not only blood sugar levels must be regulated but […]

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