May 2019


Diabetes Problems | Reasons And Treatment l Homeocare International | Good Health | V6 News

Good Health is a Featured Program on Health by V6, Today’s Program is about reasons for diabetes and treatment. Dr. Ambika from Homeocare International, … source

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Type 2 Diabetes – What Effect Does Dragon Fruit Have On Blood Sugar Levels?

According to the online journal PLOS ONE, September 2017, dragon fruit could be an effective way to prevent and possibly control blood sugar levels in people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at Silpakorn and Mahidol Universities in Thailand reviewed four reports on dragon fruit and blood sugar control and analyzed them […]

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Masu ra'ayin kishin kasa sun sami galaba sosai a zabubukan Tarayyar Turai.

Anfani da fitilun kwai na haddasa gobara a wasu sassan Najeriya. Motsa jiki ya ceci rayuwar wani tsoho mai fama da Diabetes a Afghanistan. source

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Most Type II Diabetes is Preventable

Several recent studies show that most cases of Type II diabetes can be prevented with the diabetic medications, metformin, Avandia or perhaps Actos (Lancet, September 29, 2006; Diabetes Care, Volume 29, 2006). An earlier study showed that lifestyle changes were even more effective in preventing diabetes than drugs (Annals of Pharmacotherapy, July 2004). People most […]

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मधुमेहाची लक्षणे जाणून घ्या आणि मधुमेहापासून दूर रहा || DIABETES DIET || SAKHI SANJIVANI ||

मधुमेहाची लक्षणे जाणून घ्या आणि मधुमेहापासून दूर रहा || DIABETES DIET || SAKHI SANJIVANI || #onlymarathi… source

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Type 2 Diabetes – Could Probiotics Help With Managing or Reversing Diabetes?

Helpful bacteria live in the human gut and scientists are beginning to explore their possible use for helping to control Type 2 diabetes. These bacteria are known as probiotics and are given as supplements for a variety of illnesses. In May of 2017, the Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism reported on a study pooling […]

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Cérebro X Diabetes; Mau hálito = Diabetes; Mito ou verdade | DIABETES NEWS 14

Diabetes pode afetar o cérebro, Mau hálito pode ser causado por diabetes. Mito ou verdade: Se você tem Diabetes Tipo 2 e é comunicado pelo médico que … source

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Type 2 Diabetes – Is Fasted Cardio Right For Diabetics?

One type of exercise you have likely heard about is fasted cardio training. The idea behind this training is you wake up and before eating anything (in the fasted state), you go on to perform some cardio training. In theory, this is supposed to help amplify your total rate of fat burning because you won’t […]

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CRISPR's Cocaine Breakthrough Huge News for Diabetics | $CRSP $FATE

CRISPR’s Cocaine Breakthrough Huge News for Diabetics | $CRSP $FATE – CRISPR continues to make headlines as more and more studies are revealing … source

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Type 2 Diabetes – Is There a Difference Between Treatment and Management?

You are likely no stranger to Type 2 diabetes. The dramatic rise in the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is very closely tied to the increase in obesity While you may not have personal experience with the disease, there is a good chance you are at least familiar. But when it comes to the treatment […]

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