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Disclaimer The water has to be drunk. I don’t know the authenticity of this remedy and from where my dad got it. He told my mum to make it and she is making it … source

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Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating – Four Great Egg-Based Breakfast Ideas

If you are looking to improve your bodyweight control, reduce blood sugar fluctuations, and feel healthier overall, you will want to consider adding eggs to your morning meal. Those who consume eggs as part of their breakfast tend to consume fewer calories later on in the day and also wind up feeling more satisfied and […]

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Empowered Health News | Diabetics in the wrong sized shoe According to research in the November issue of the International … source

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Type 2 Diabetes – Depression Anxiety, and the Risk of Developing Diabetes

According to the Journal of Affective Disorders, individuals suffering anxiety and depression are twice as likely as happy people to develop Type 2 diabetes. In May of 2018, the journal published an article from the Department of Psychiatry at the McGill University and the department of psychology at Carleton University in Canada. The researchers looked […]

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Diabetes Relief – ABC 4 Utah News – 12/26/2017

THE EVOLUTION OF DIABETES HEALTHCARE IS HERE!!! Revolutionary Approach – Superior Clinical Outcomes Diabetes Relief is an Advanced Diabetes … source

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Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – The Health Benefits Of Fasting

When someone says the word "fasting" to you, do you automatically cringe? Like, how could you fast? Well, do not be so quick to assume this mindset. Fasting has done on by storm as more and more people are adopting an intermittent fast approach. When we talk about fast here, we are not referring to […]

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Diabetic hen with high cholesterol : Medical malpractice in Kerala Asianet News Investion Part 2

An Asianet News Investigation reveals the functionng of a substandard medical laboratory located at Valiyathura a fishing hamlet in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala … source

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Type 2 Diabetes – Controlling High Blood Pressure In Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related diabetes raises the risk of the mother developing high blood pressure (hypertension) during her pregnancy, which can lead to severe complications. Scientists at Ankara University in Turkey and St. George’s University in London, United Kingdom found in the aggregate, studies on the subject show the oral anti-diabetic medication, metformin, can be […]

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Diabetes Cure Development | 9 News Perth

Australian scientists are tapping an unlikely source to help find a cure for diabetes. They received a major funding boost to see whether the tropical zebrafish can … source

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Type Two Diabetes Symptoms – The Big Diabetes Lie Review

Measuring greater than normal heights of blood pressure or cholesterol may indicate a greater chance of type two diabetes, especially if you weigh too much and thus it is smart to know about the indications of type two diabetes. There are numerous different tests accessible to diagnose diabetes. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes happens when the pancreas can’t […]

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