February 2020


Toenail Fungus, How to cut toenails properly

Jolly Channel of Healthy Feet Podiatry in Asia trims toenails by cutting around the toe meat under the toenail. Diabetic foot care is cutting toenails on a regular … source

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#callus #footscraping #footulcer #diabetes #strangerthingz2020 Removal of Diabetic Foot Ulcer

A foot ulcer is an open sore which is sometimes hard to heal. #ingrown #toenail #fungus #footcallus #gross #callus #corn #diabetes #callusremoval … source

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Chiropractor Memphis TN | Peripheral Neuropathy Relief at Wellness One Memphis, PC

https://www.memphisneuropathy.com Wellness One Memphis, PC 6100 Primacy Parkway #112 Memphis, TN 38119 (901) 682-5335. source

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Dr. Ashutosh Mishra Diabetic Foot Recent Advantage

The scientific committee of the CARDIABCON 2019 is proud to prepare a program of outstanding scientific & academic quality, which will offer thought provoking … source

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Sagittarius: they are BURNING up with passion

Readings & Teachings on Divine Partnership & Soul Evolution for Modern Mystics. Dr. V is the author of the viral post … source

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Burning Feet – what are the causes and how to treat the painful condition

Watch this video to learn more about the symptoms of burning feet, what causes this painful condition and how to treat it. source

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Peripheral Neuropathy Success Story

Knecht Chiropractic is happy to share a patient testimonial of how we were able to help someone with periperal neuropathy. source

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In Cold Blood

When police discover Betty Sue Short murdered in her home, they notice disturbing similarities with another recent killing in the community of Kingsport, … source

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Chasing the Cure 105

Anchored and executive produced by Ann Curry, the project will bring together a weekly LIVE 90-minute television broadcast with a 24/7 global digital interactive … source

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Every Mother's Son

20-year old Bear Diaz has diabetes, leaving him weak and vulnerable. When he vanishes in the night with his TV, backpack and cash, investigators must … source

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