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What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic Neuropathy is a medical term used to describe nerve sensitivity brought on by the diabetes disease. People who suffer with diabetes can develop this type of nerve damage anywhere on their body. Some of the symptoms of neuropathy are: Bodily aches and pains, tingling of the skin, numbness in the hands, feet, arms and legs. Diabetic neuropathy affects people in different ways. Some sufferers experience only mild pain or numbness in their legs and feet, while others experience high levels of pain that disrupts their daily activities. Leaving the condition untreated can eventually lead to heart problems, failure of the digestive system and other medical conditions.

Remedies for Pain:

Those looking for ways to treat their diabetic nerve pain at home can try some these alternative remedies:

Eating a Balanced Diet:

1. Lowering Carbohydrate intake (white pasta, white sugar, white potatoes are high in carbs)

2. Increasing your daily intake of healthy grains, fruits and vegetables. (Bran cereal, whole wheats)

3. Lowering your blood pressure (Reduce your stress level) Medical experts recommend that diabetics maintain blood pressure levels no higher than 130 over 80.


STOP. Right now. Smoking clogs arteries and prevents blood flow to the veins. Smokers who suffer neuropathy are typically the more severe cases.


Like the commercial say's "Just Do It". Getting more exercise every day and spending more time moving can dramatically reduce your pain. Research has proven those who sit for extended periods of time and those who rarely exercise often feel more pain than those who live an active lifestyle ..

If these methods fail to reduce your pain, consider talking to your doctor. Doctors can recommend other treatments for nerve pain, including acupuncture or the use of a prescription grade topical pain cream.

How a Topical Pain Cream Works:

Studies found that topical pain creams containing capsaicin and lidocaine can significantly reduce the pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. In one study, more than half of those suffering from nerve pain found significant relief when using the topical cream once a day. Prescription grade topical pain creams are a good choice for those dealing with diabetic neuropathy and most insurance companies cover the entire cost while others may charge a co-pay.

Simple to Use:

Apply a small dab of the topical pain cream to your skin and use your hands to rub it into your skin. Concentrate on the areas where you experience the highest levels of pain. The pain cream penetrates deep into the skin and changes the way the blood vessels and cells respond to pain. Using the cream one or more times every day will help you lead a healthy and active life without your diabetic neuropathy getting in your way.

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Source by TJ Palmieri