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The erectile dysfunction can be caused by different factors. These factors may include age, physical and psychological health. Even chronic fatigue or stress may have a great impact on this problem. Erection depends heavily on three basic aspects, which create a system all together. If something disturbs this delicate balance and the system becomes unbalanced, erectile dysfunction is the most likely result.

– Sexual excitement. Sexual excitement is a result of what a man sees, hears, touches, and smells. And it also comes from his thoughts.
– Nervous system response. Sexual excitement is transmitted by the brain to the nervous system of a person. The result of it is increasing of the blood flow to the penis.
– Blood vessels' response that actually creates an erection.

Impotence may arise from these nonphysical factors:

1. Psychological problems. Tiredness, discomfort and stress are known as nonphysical reasons for impotence, which can be also regarded as an after-effect of depression.
2. Negative emotions. It is also important what you feel and show to your sexual partner and what your partner feels and shows to you. Such emotions as enmity, displeasure, and indifference can also be a reason for erectile dysfunction.

Physical causes for erectile dysfunction can be various, and here are the most common of them:

1. Diabetic neuropathy (nerve damages caused by lasting diabetes)
2. Intake of some medicines
3. Prostate cancer treatment
4. Backbone injuries
5. Disseminated sclerosis
6. Endocrine diseases
7. Drug dependence, including alcoholism and tobacco smoking

Still, erectile dysfunction may attest to hidden health problems. The physical and psychological reasons are interdependent. Only a specialist can find out what caused this disorder.

Certainly all men want to get straightforward answers to solve their problems. We cannot be satisfied with less! But the only thing you can actually do is to visit your general physician and ask him many questions. You should also undergo medical tests and find out how to improve your sexual life, enlarge your penis, and gain better control over your erection.

You might feel completely frustrated when you begin looking for a reliable erectile enhancement product as there are various options out there nowadays. If you decide to enlarge your penis, you can simply find appropriate penis enlargement method and start your enlargement. The worst thing that can happen is the method will not work.

However, when it comes to erectile dysfunction, things are not that clear. There are different erectile enhancement options, each comes with its own drawbacks and side effects. You should learn how they work and explore all potential problems.

Luckily, today you can find several erectile enhancement methods and techniques to treat your dysfunction:

1. Surgery. Nobody can consider this way either safe or cheap. Really, it is not a good idea to waste about $ 4,000 or more for scars on penis and severe side-effects.
2. Penis pumps. They are not safe and can cause lots of problems. People should use them with a great caution. To avoid possible damage check several times that you do everything right. Remember that you can obtain the problems for life. And in any case they are useless when it goes about penis size increase.
3. Penis extenders. These are the safest among other ways of your erectile enhancement.

Of course, you shouldn't expect that the problems with your penis will be solved at once. It is impossible to get even 2 extra inches straight after the purchase. You should understand that no results are possible without your efforts. Nobody can guarantee you will get desired penis size and desired erection without trying hard. You need to spend time and apply energies to get over the problem, but it is well worth it.

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Source by Jerry Kouvan