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In conventional medicine, it is generally known among diabetes patients that there is no cure for Type 2 diabetes which is caused by a type body abnormality known as insulin resistance. The doctors often tell the patients that their diabetic condition is harmless as long as the blood sugar level is properly managed with the help of some medications.

The pathetic fact is that not only the diabetic condition cannot be controlled by those fancy drugs, it actually becomes worse and eventually develops to some diabetic complications such as renal failure, diabetic neuropathy, blindness, and finally death. This kind of distressing situations can be seen in almost every hospital around the world.

For those who can foresee where the chemical drugs will lead them to, they are more open for some alternative homeopathic treatments to treat their diabetes. They are constantly searching for the natural cure for insulin resistance which has no side effects and more effective in the long run. Is it possible to have an ultimate cure for insulin resistance?

Instead of blindly follow the folklore health advices and try some of the unknown herbs, you should begin by gaining a better understanding about insulin resistance and the root cause of it. According to the Asian health researches, we have solid proofs that insulin resistance is rooted from the change of internal body environment which gradually decrease the sensitivity of the insulin receptors in the surface of the body cells. When the insulin receptors cannot effectively bond with insulin to open up the glucose channels, and glucose is returned to the blood stream and causes hyperglycemia.

The main cause of the change of the internal environment is a process known as acidosis which is the accumulation of acidic toxins in the body due to unhealthy eating habits and unbalanced more lifestyle. With that in mind, here are 4 types of proven effective natural cure for insulin resistance you can consider trying:

Ionized Alkaline Water

Since diabetes can cause serious dehydration, you should make sure you drink enough water during the day. Instead of drinking normal neutral water, you should drink ionized alkaline water to neutralize those toxic acids in your body.

Foot Reflexology Therapy

Liver, pancreas and kidneys are the organs that regulate the hormones that control the glucose level in the body. In order to return their capabilities and effectiveness in regulating your blood glucose level, you should frequently give them some good 'massage' to stimulate them. The only way you can massage the internal organs is through reflexology therapy.

Hand Acupressure Therapy

Since it is quite inconvenient to have foot reflexology everyday, hand acupressure therapy is a more convenient way to stimulate the related organs. You can perform it anywhere, anytime.

Calcium Ion Supplement

Calcium is the most important mineral element in human body. Beside being the main building material for our bones, calcium ion is also important as a buffer to neutralize the excessive acids in the body.

All the methods mentioned above are logically make sense and had been tried out by hundreds and thousands of people with insulin resistance, especially in the Asia region. The result is very encouraging, more than 90% of them show positive improvements. The other 10% did not experience any significant result because they did not have the discipline to follow through, these are the people who are looking for a magic pill that can cure insulin resistance immediately. God bless them.

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Source by Hemen Ee