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Wholesale vitamin B 12 patches have taken the sting out of B 12 shots and their cost. A lack of vitamin B12 has long been associated with symptoms such as those experienced by people suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and dementia. Studies also show it is associated with other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, depression, asthma and diabetic neuropathy, just to name a few. Because of the serious impact this vitamin deficiency can have on the body and the fact that it often takes years before the symptoms present themselves, it is very important to monitor levels and supplement your B12 levels if necessary.

Particularly at risk for vitamin B12 deficiencies include:

Elderly people Vegetarians People Using Certain Pharmaceutical Drugs on a Long-Term basis Gastric Bypass patients.

Such individuals should be on the lookout for unusual symptoms, such as:

Fatigue, Little appetite, Nausea, Nervousness, Memory problems, Numbness and / or tingling of extremities, Depression, Impotence, Fever Diarrhea.

Vitamin B12 supplements have long been a treatment for the myriad of ailments arising from a lack of this essential nutrient. However, the problem with B 12 itself is that it is a vitamin that is not absorbed easily into the body. In fact, oral doses of B 12 are absorbed so minimally that they are ineffective. It is also difficult to obtain enough B 12 from diet, especially if you are in the high-risk group. Therefore, doctors have favored vitamin shots for more efficient absorption into the body. Yet for the patient, it means increased doctor visits and more pain.

The advent of vitamin B12 patches has many breathing a sigh of relief. Now the supplement is much more readily available and can even be found at wholesale rates for further savings. Those who are uncomfortable with the idea of ​​shots can now breathe a sigh of relief because these patches are completely pain free. They are also the most readily absorbed method of introducing B12 into the bloodstream. Studies show that by using the patch, B12 vitamin serum levels in the blood doubled in only 8 hours.

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Source by Robert McKnight