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What is Diabetic foot?

It is a term commonly used for foot problems in patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Foot infections are caused by any of many reasons as delayed wound healing in Diabetics, arterial abnormalities and neuropathy.

This is quite common in Diabetics as reports suggest that almost 15 % of Diabetics develop foot related problems at some point in time during their lifetime and foot related problems contribute to almost 50 % of the Diabetes related hospitalizations.

Affected area

In most cases foot ulcers affect the foot ball or the bottom of the big toe. If one continues to put poor fitting shoes on, ulcers on the sides of the foot may develop.

The point of caution here is that some of these ulcers do not hurt often still should be given care right from the diagnosis time because neglecting these ulcers may lead to infections causing loss of limb.

How health care specialist examine the foot condition

Some of the measures taken by health specialists to examine the foot condition are mentioned here. As soon as we realize anything going wrong in foot, we should get in touch with health specialist.

a) To ensure that the bone is intact and not affected, X-rays help a great deal.

b) Removal of the dead and infected tissue.

c) Probing the would to conclude which type of infection has occurred and finding the best antibiotic counterpart

d) Health care provider may suggest a cushion bottom foot wear to keep ulcer from being hurt and enlarge

e) Health care specialist can refer you to a vascular surgeon

Diabetic foot Care

As experts suggest, Diabetic foot should be cared carefully, here are some of the common expert advices to ensure safety of foot

a) Good diabetes control is important as high blood sugar levels make it difficult to control the infection.

b) Even after the foot ulcer heals, chances of recurrence are huge if the affected area is not protected from being hurt.

c) Extremely good foot hygiene can reduce the chances of foot ulcers drastically

d) Diabetic socks and shoes should be used to keep the foot safe

e) Foot injuries must be avoided by following extra caution while walking, driving etc as wounds may take longer time to heal up in a Diabetic body and longer existence of wounds may lead to infections.

f) Foot-care education with intense surveillance can bring down the chances of foot ulcers substantially.

g) Majority of the expert suggest the usage of Diabetes special footwear to avoid the serious foot complications of diabetes

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Source by Anuj Awasthi