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Bee Pollen Side Effects

How does bee pollen side effects affect you? This is a question that many dieters find themselves asking, especially those who are new to the world of natural health. Will this supplement interact with other medicines? What if you’re allergic to bees? Fortunately, you’ll be pleased to find that bee pollen is actually relatively low maintenance, and its side effects are quite rare.

Let’s get it out of the way: it does have some side effects. However, these are usually very mild and don’t do a significant amount of harm. These include having a tight feeling in the chest or an itchy feeling in the mouth or throat.

However, most people who take this substance don’t experience any side effects at all.

What if You’re Allergic to Bee Stings or Have Outdoor Allergies?

A common misconception is that those who are allergic to bee venom are also allergic to bee pollen. The chances of having an allergic reaction to bee pollen are incredibly rare. While most who take this substance are perfectly fine, you should still check with your doctor first if you’re unsure.

As for those with outdoor allergies, you’ll be happy to learn that this substance can actually help you overcome your allergies. By taking small amounts each day, you can gradually let your body grow accustomed to it, which helps in treating conditions such as hay fever.

However, when taking this super-food for outdoor allergies, it’s best to ingest the freeze-dried variety rather than raw granules. This is because the freeze-dried form has been proven to be easier to digest and allows your body to absorb it faster and more effectively.

Should You Combine Medication With Bee Pollen?

Studies have shown that there are no ill effects from combining this natural substance and other medications. This makes it useful for those who are already on treatments such as antidepressants, diabetes medications, heart medications, and so on.

However, the same principle doesn’t apply to vitamins. Sometimes there can be bee pollen side effects if you combine a powerful multivitamin with it. Since this amazing super-food already has significant amounts of vitamins, nutrient, and minerals, taking it with other vitamins can actually result in you getting too many nutrients.

What Should You Worry About With Bee Pollen?

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many health enthusiasts the world over choose this incredible super-food. Unlike other supplements, it’s simple to take with infinitesimal bee pollen side effects.

However, there are two things to keep in mind when purchasing bee pollen: It should be made in New Zealand, and it should be freeze-dried. These qualifications are essential for getting the most out of your supplements

Why is this? For one, New Zealand is one of the least polluted areas on earth. Its low population and remote location means that flowers and bees are able to thrive in an environment that’s virtually contaminant free. This creates a noticeable difference from bee pollen that has been harvested in heavily populated areas such as the United States or China, where pollution is more common.

Along with being easy to digest, the freeze-dried form also helps enormously in preventing the supplements from losing nutrients. This process locks in and protects the vitamins and minerals available, resulting in more effective supplements

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Source by Johan Petersen