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Diabetes is a common genetic disease occurring as a result of abnormal blood sugar concentration in the body. If not properly controlled in earlier stages, diabetes can adversely affect patient’s life. Hyperglycemia with no medications increases cell damage and affect libido. Damage of nerve cells due to uncontrolled diabetes may even lead to impotence among patients. On the basis of studies made on diabetic men and women, this diabetic effect is mainly reported in men than in women. Increased blood sugar concentration leads way to accumulation of sugar molecules around cells which blocks blood circulation especially to body extremities like male organ region. Low blood circulation damages the normal functioning of nerve cells which creates a negative impact on patient’s life. This is one among the major cause for the occurrence of libido in diabetic patients.

Altering blood sugar level in diabetic patients stimulates the formation of stress hormones. This type of sex drive issue related to diabetes is mainly seen among diabetic men. Increased stress hormone production may cause erectile dysfunction creating impotence among diabetic patients. Many anti stress food supplements are now easily available in market. Green tea is a natural food supplement helping in reducing hypertension there by lowering blood sugar level. Extract from green tea are mixed with food supplements so as to improve their nutrient level. Libido problems occurring among diabetic patients can be well suppressed by taking herbal medicines like Booster capsules, Kamdeepak, Nightfire, Safed Musli, Shilajit ES. Ginkgo biloba herb is used in most of the herbal medicine for improving sexual desire among men.

Above drugs are examples of oral medicines taken by diabetic patients for problems related to libido. Vacuum pump treatments and medical caverject are some of the physical treatments available for sex drive issues due to diabetes. Now we will see the conditions occurring among women as a result of increased blood sugar concentration. Low sexual desire, problems in physical intimacy and reduced vaginal lubrication are some of the effects due to hyperglycemia seen among diabetic women. Increased blood sugar concentration creates tiredness among diabetic patients which in turn creates low desire to sex drive. These problems can be well controlled by lowering blood sugar level in body.

Managing diabetes by controlling food intake helps to a great extend in preventing sex drive problems. Painful lovemaking is a major hyperglycemic problem occurring mainly as a result of dry vaginal condition. Abnormal cell function is the reason behind this painful condition. Treatments for low vaginal lubrication trouble can be well controlled by using personal lubricant which reduces pain during sexual lovemaking. Some physicians suggest oestrogen creams so as to reduce pain. These creams are usually suggested during menopause condition. Vaginal pain situations occurring among diabetic women can also be due to yeast infections.

These yeast infections popularly known as thrust increases with increase in blood sugar concentration. Various antifungal creams can be used as medicines for the treatment of yeast infections. Adding zinc compounds in diet helps in stimulating sexual desire among both men and women. Keeping a controlled blood sugar level is the best remedial measure for these sex drive problems induced due to hyperglycemic condition.

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Source by Dr Andrew Napier