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Ayurvedic treatment For diabetes is truly the best option for controlling blood sugar levels. It is not a new science. Ayurveda, by its very name indicates that it has been around since the Vedic times. It has been around for five millennia and proved to be the most effective natural cure for all types of human ailments. The correct herbs consumed in the right quantity at the right time can work wonders towards keeping a person healthy throughout life.

What Is Diabetes?

The food you eat is converted into glucose or blood sugar. This sugar is essential for keeping all the biological systems working in perfect condition. Diabetes occurs as a result of pancreatic malfunction. The insulin produced by the pancreas is insufficient and the level of sugar in the blood increases.

Himalaya Diabecon works in lieu of the pancreas. It monitors the insulin level, thus controlling the utilization of glucose in the system for various functions in the human body. It acts as the support-system of the pancreas and ensures that excess unutilized sugar does not accumulate in the blood.

Why Should You Control Blood Sugar With Diabecon?

Manufactured by the renowned company Himalaya, Diabecon is a very effective way of controlling the level of blood sugar. It contains over 30 herbs that work together to form a very potent and effective shield against the symptoms of diabetes. Being a purely Ayurvedic medication, it contains numerous minerals and suitable herbs that can maintain optimum glycemic levels for persons suffering from diabetes.

Diabetics also face another problem – they find it difficult to maintain acceptable levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. The compounded effect is lethargy, lack of energy, difficulty in losing weight, and overall debilitation. Himalaya Diabecon, along with maintain proper levels of blood sugar, also helps in controlling the HDL-LDL and prevents weight gain.

One of the major side effects of diabetes is cataract in the eyes. Regular consumption of Diabecon in the prescribed dosage will in most cases help to prevent any damage to the eyes as a result of blood sugar levels.

In most cases, blood vessels react adversely to high levels of sugar in the blood stream. The insulin-effect of Diabecon helps in preventing any complications that might manifest in the arteries and veins.

What Is The Correct Dosage Of Himalaya Diabecon

Medication, to be most effective, must be consumed as prescribed. The proper dosage of Himalaya Diabecon is two tablets in a single dose. This should be taken before meals, twice a day. A variant of this medicine, the Diabecon DS (double strength) is also available for type II diabetes.

If you experience symptoms like frequent urination, unusually frequent thirst and hunger pangs at odd times, it would be prudent to get your blood sugar levels checked.

Since ancient times, the main aim of Ayurvedic medicine has been not only to cure diseases, but to prevent them by improving the quality of life itself. Himalaya Diabecon ensures that a diabetic can also lead a healthy, comfortable and happy life without any complications. Hence, it is the most effective Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes.

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Source by Sharon Grogan