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Exotic mouthwash products can range anywhere from $8-25 for a 16 fl. oz. container.  But are these high-end oral hygiene products really worth it or just a big waste of money when it comes to fighting bad breath?


Answer: In the majority of cases, they are a complete waste of money and can actually make problems worse when it comes to halitosis.  To understand why, we need to first look at what causes bad breath in the first place.

The most common causes of halitosis include:


Food (typically causes short term halitosis)


Gum Disease


Tooth Decay


Sinus Infection


Mouth/Throat Infection


Medication Side Effects


Diabetes or Other Serious Disease


Dehydration, or Xerostomia


Although there are several potential causes, the vast majority of halitosis problems are actually caused by dehydration, or Xerostomia.  Dehydration is a major problem when it comes to morning breath and halitosis in general because it deprives the body of its greatest defense: Saliva.


The noxious odors are actually known as VSC’s (volatile sulfur compounds) and they are literally the waste products of anaerobic bacteria.  These tiny microbes live in your mouth and feed off of the food particles left behind after we eat.  These bacteria thrive in low oxygen environments and when their populations grow large, they produce the VSC’s we associate with halitosis.


However, research concludes that saliva actually helps prevent bad breath in 4 ways:


1. Filled with Specialized Enzymes: Your saliva is filled with specialized enzymes that are necessary to producing antibodies that kill the bacteria responsible for halitosis.


2. Washes Away Food Particles: Saliva literally helps “starve” the bacteria thus reducing their population levels and the amount of VSC’s produced.

3. Washes Away VSC’s: Not only does saliva wash away the food particles necessary to make the VSC’s-it also helps wash out the VSC’s themselves thus naturally freshens your breath.


4. Oxygen Rich: Saliva is rich in oxygen which makes it harder for the anaerobic bacteria to breed and produce VSC’s.


While many exotic mouthwash products are designed to kill these smelly microbes, they are often made with alcohol or other synthesized ingredients.  Alcohol and other synthetic ingredients cause the body to become dehydrated as it attempts to flush these “toxins” from the system thus depriving it of the vital saliva it needs to naturally control the bacteria.  


Because anaerobic bacteria breed so fast, you can literally use mouthwash in the morning to kill 99% of the bacteria and still end up with bad breath by early afternoon. The synthetic ingredients cause dehydration leading to a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria to multiply and produce the noxious VSC’s.


However, there is a much simpler, cheaper solution that will kill the bacteria in the morning and control bad breath all day long: Making your very own mouthwash!


That’s right, you can go out to your local grocery store and spend less than $2 making an all-natural and 100% effective mouthwash.  Made from all-natural ingredients that kill the bacteria but don’t cause dehydration, this simple yet effective solution will literally end bad breath problems in 90 seconds flat.


Or, you could spend $8-25 for exotic mouthwash that is more likely to make the problem worse-tough choice! 

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Source by Jon Kreps