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blood sugar support supplements, berberine, blood sugar support, complexblood sugar support supplements, berberine, blood sugar support, complex

Balance Glucose, Beat Inflammation, Live Your Best Life!

What does it mean to live one’s best life? It is not only about living, learning, and experiencing as much as we can but also about maintaining the highest quality of life possible during each of those moments. We want to live long, healthy lives. Today’s world makes that prospect more daunting each day with an overload of sugars, chemicals, and unsavory hidden ingredients in many of our food and drink choices. There may not be a magic bullet to solve this challenge overnight, but we can start the solution by strengthening our bodies with the power of natural, clean ingredients.

The science of longevity points increasingly toward insulin and insulin sensitivity as significant players in the aging process. Rather than submit to the inevitable march of time, we can seize this knowledge and turn it to our advantage! Genius Blood Sugar combines the power of cinnamon and berberine to form a winning combination that provides blood sugar support, assists with superior body composition, and bolsters vitality to help reduce inflammation and the weight of years for healthy aging and longevity! Don’t fear growing older! Unlock the power within your blood to make each year of your life as golden as it should be!

blood sugar support supplements, berberine, metforminblood sugar support supplements, berberine, metformin

Go Bold with Berberine – and Beyond!

Berberine is an alkaloid derived from plants and herbs such as the Indian barberry, Oregon grape, and goldenseal. For decades, berberine root extract has been used to success in China and across the Indian subcontinent for supporting healthy blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. Genius Blood Sugar provides more than your typical berberine capsules! At the Genius Brand, we demand excellence in our products and ingredients in order to deliver the highest quality to our customers. That is why we reached beyond the average berberine supplements on the market and took Genius Blood Sugar to the next level with GlucoVantage, the first commercially available brand of Dihydroberberine (DHB)! Combining the best of new scientific technologies and the strengths of organic berberine, DHB provides up to 5x the bioactive benefits of regular berberine to unleash the best of this gift from Mother Nature! DHB works to improve insulin sensitivity by activating AMPK, a crucial enzyme that regulates cellular metabolism, to support a healthy glucose and insulin level in the body. DHB also supports improved body composition and nutrient partitioning to unlock better energy levels and improve vitality!

Blood sugar support supplements, berberine, MetforminBlood sugar support supplements, berberine, Metformin

The Spice of Life: Be Free of GMOs, and Chemicals!

You won’t find just berberine pills inside a bottle of Genius Blood Sugar, the strength of cinnamon makes it the ideal partner for unlocking the best our blood can offer! Cinnamon is a beloved and delicious spice used throughout history, from Ceylon cinnamon in Sri Lanka to the cinnamon extracted from Cinnamomum cassia trees in ancient Egypt. Our ancestors recognized it as more than a flavor addition: Cinnamon has offers substantial health benefits. Cinnamon’s incredible levels of antioxidants, like polyphenols, ranks it among the most valuable spices for combatting inflammation, repairing damage from free radicals, and even supporting strong cardiovascular health. But did you know that the science on cinnamon gets better still? Cinnamon can also dramatically improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin and lower blood sugar levels! When partnered with the superior, optimized form of berberine provided by GlucoVantage we get a combination that is ideal for supporting our bodies to seize today, tomorrow, and each day while growing older with grace. As always, you can trust the Genius Promise: no artificial fillers, no artificial flavors, no hidden ingredients or proprietary blends. We believe in helping you unlock your best self by providing clean, natural ingredients that support your goal of living the best life you can! Go beyond other blood sugar support supplements and invigorate your body for healthy aging and longevity with Genius Blood Sugar! This is our contribution to your health and wellness. It isn’t magic, it is science combined with the enduring wisdom that what we put into our bodies determines our lasting health and happiness. Be bold, be brilliant, be Genius!

blood sugar support supplements, berberine, metforminblood sugar support supplements, berberine, metformin

A Perfect Partner for Keto Genius!

Genius Blood Sugar provides an amazing pair of ingredients that synergizes with BHBs and naturally stacks with Keto Genius! Berberine and cinnamon both have great potential for supporting a keto lifestyle and the development of lean, healthy muscle. Research shows that berberine helps to reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while supporting more “good” HDL cholesterol! New studies even suggest that it may assist the body in activating “brown fat” for improved energy levels as opposed to “white fat” which contributes to weight gain. Cinnamon, too, has been shown in research to support the reduction of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while helping the body to maintain healthy HDL cholesterol levels! As with all of our Genius Brand products, Genius Blood Sugar is flexible: You can enjoy using it all by itself, or as part of the ultimate longevity stack in combination with Keto Genius to support using fat for energy, lowering food and sugar cravings, and improving body performance!

PROVEN 5X MORE EFFECTIVE THAN REGULAR BERBERINE – A growing body of research points to insulin and insulin signaling as major players in healthy aging and longevity! Berberine is derived from herbs such as the Indian barberry and has decades of history in India and China as an aid for regulating blood glucose and insulin sensitivity. Genius Blood Sugar taps into the power of GlucoVantage Dihydroberberine (DHB) to deliver up to 5x the bioactive benefits of ordinary berberine!
THE STRENGTH OF CINNAMON – The true spice of life is not variety but cinnamon! Science continues to reveal the healing benefits of this ancient spice, including its capacity to lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, and even support strong cardiovascular health.
BOLSTER YOUR BODY WITH SUPERIOR INGREDIENTS – To be Genius is to strive only for the best results! Our cinnamon is drawn directly from Cinnamomum cassia bark just as nature intended: free of drugs and unwanted chemicals! You never need to fear hidden ingredients with The Genius Brand!
PUSH YOUR LOW-CARB, HIGH FAT DIET TO NEW LEVELS – Research shows that berberine activates the enzyme AMPK, which regulates cellular metabolism. By promoting AMPK, your body can strive for improved energy levels! Let berberine empower your body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and weight: synergizes with BHBs and forms an ideal combo with Keto Genius for the ultimate longevity stack!

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