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Are the manufacturers of food products aware of what they are inflicting upon the nation? Yes we are responsible for what we put in our mouths but many foods we have little choice about. Take breakfast cereal, the quick and easy breakfast for much of the population. I checked my packets to find corn-flakes contained 2g per 30g serving with a total 27.5g carbohydrates and bran-flakes a supposedly healthy option contained 4.1g per 30g serving with a total of 27g carbohydrates, hopefully many are good carbs.

Also 30g is a very meagre serving I suspect most of the population have double!

Hidden sugar is in everything from soup and baked beans to ready meals. Even if you try to follow a healthy lifestyle you are sabotaged by TV ads for the biggest range of chocolate bars imaginable. Not to mention sugar loaded soft drinks! Sweets and snacks are displayed in petrol stations, news-agents, corner shops, super-markets, in fact everywhere.

We are told now 63% of all UK adults are considered overweight or obese, but there is good news, now according to some experts and recent trials It is possible that the crisis is due to people eating too many of the wrong type of carbs.

I recently watched a program where carbs were divided into categories. Green or good carbs, these contain fibre, necessary for health and are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grain products, bread etc. Beige carbs, found in white flour products, white bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, white rice and potatoes. The white group are the obvious sugary products.

Both of the later groups we should be cutting down on as they all break down into sugars; these if not burned off by exercise, are stored in the body as fat. Whereas green carbs have larger molecules and fibre, which means they pass out of the body without being stored as fat.

There is now some exciting research, showing that by altering our diets even class 2 diabetics can be reversed by eliminating these unnecessary carbs and concentrating on green carbs and a healthy diet.

In fact a study was done with a group of diabetics, not only had each one questioned lost half a stone in a two-week period, but they were becoming pre-diabetic and in time could probably reverse the condition with diet.

Class 2 diabetes has now reached epidemic proportions and we are now the fattest nation in Europe.

Obesity and diabetes are responsible for many premature deaths and ill-health and are causing strokes, heart disease, amputations, and cancer, also loss of sight and general ill-health

We must take action NOW, and if something as simple as changing what we eat, and more exercise can reverse the situation what are we waiting for?

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Source by Anne O’Dwyer