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Cat diabetes is an ailment that manifests itself slowly and generally remains unnoticed during the initial few weeks. The glucose level in the blood is taken care of by an insulin hormone that is produced by the pancreas and when it fails to produce the desired amount needed by the body, it leads to diabetes. Diabetes in cats is sometimes also referred to as feline diabetes, sugar diabetes or feline diabetes mellitus.

Cat diabetes becomes difficult to diagnose owing to its different manifestations. In certain situations, your cat may suffer from excessive urination and over consumption of water. Sometimes, she may even become preoccupied with places where water is available. Some cats suffering from diabetes may start to lose weight due to excessive fat breakdown or frequent vomiting. You may even notice your kitty becoming phlegmatic at times if she is unfortunate enough to be suffering from the disease. In these cases, immediate action has to be taken.

Your vet might also prescribe oral medicine to help your feline friend in combating this disease. These oral medications might have a gradual to a prolonged effect. However, there is always a risk of side effects of these drugs, which at times may cause harm to the liver or the pancreas. In order for these medication to be effective, it is also important that the beta cells in your cat’s body are still active and in a situation to produce insulin. If the cells are in poor condition, it is likely that these oral medicines will fail to produce any notable effects on your cats. This is the reason why diagnosing the disease in its early stages could mean a quicker recovery. In some lucky cases, it might even lead to a remission.

Carbohydrates are not something required in abundance in a cat’s diet and thus cutting down on its consumption would definitely help in improving its health. Since obesity in cats is often associated with insulin sensitivity, you will have to start helping your feline friend lose weight gradually in case your pet is overweight. This will go a long way in combating the risk of cat diabetes.

We hope this article is useful to your understanding of cat diabetes. While this cat health problem cannot be completely cured, the timely diagnosis of this condition followed by proper medication as well as appropriate diet will help your pet enjoy an early recovery.

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Source by Flora Westbrooks