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Monilial is actually another medical term used to refer to Candida. It is a yeast-like fungus that is a member of the body’s natural flora, thriving with the body’s protective bacteria in maintaining balance under the keen supervision of the immune system. Usually, monilial live in small numbers, especially in the genital area. It thrives in dark moist areas. Under normal conditions, it cannot cause detrimental effects to health. However, once the balance shifts due to weakened immune system, the monilial population can exponentially increase and overwhelm the number of the protective good bacteria in the body.

The forms of imbalances to the body include hormonal imbalance and disturbed body pH levels. Among women, this is a common occurrence due to their menstrual cycle and pregnancy. This explains why women and more susceptible to yeast infection or monilial infection. Other factors that may interfere with the balanced environment of microorganisms within the body’s natural flora include diabetes mellitus, antibiotic treatment, oral contraceptives, high carbohydrate intake, hot weather and immune-suppression as the side-effect of a medication or a consequence of a disease.

With monilial overgrowth, the infected people will sure experience, itching and burning sensations and get rashes or white spots. For the form of yeast infection occurring in the genital area, swelling, redness, tenderness, chronic itching, burning and painful sensations when urinating, change in the usual pink color to red and the white, smelly and curdy discharge. Once you have experienced these symptoms, immediately consult your physician or gynecologist. Seek an advice on your treatment options to prevent suffering the significant discomforts caused by monilial overgrowth.

Doctors usually perform diagnostics tests, which include laboratory studies of the culture samples of the fungal infection, which you have provided. This way, the doctor may recommend the most powerful antibiotic or antifungal treatment or medication to use. Usually, patients are recommended to undergo a treatment routine involving the two elements, oral medication and topical applications, to quickly control the activity of the organisms causing the infection.

Hence, the good news is that monilial infection is highly treatable. There are drugs and products on the market that can be used to treat and improve the condition. However, the side-effects of the modern yeast infection medicines present a worrisome situation among the infected people. Hence, there is a need to strive for knowledge on some treatment alternatives, particularly on the natural cures for yeast infection.

Monilian infection is one chronic problem that can be managed by the natural cures for yeast infection. Aside from being cheaper, they are actually more accessible. That is because this form of alternative treatment concerns your hygienic habits and uses only items that are readily found in your kitchen. For instance, it only advised you to keep areas such as genital or crotch area, the area under the breast, the folds of the skin and the nailbed clean and dry. It advises not to share towels with anybody. It also talks about the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet as an effective way of strengthening your body’s defenses and finally control the symptoms of monilial infection.

Perhaps the most important part of the natural cures for yeast infection is the avoidance of sugars and sweets. To people who satisfy their daily those of soft drinks or carbonated drinks, they make themselves more susceptible to monilial infection. This is because the monilial yeast actually feeds on sugar and that a high sugar or high carbohydrate diet encourages monilial overgrowth.

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Source by Emma Taylors