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Diminished penile sensitivity is not that uncommon and may be caused by a number of different circumstances including trauma, medication, sexual anhedonia and/or other contributing health factors.

Trauma– The penis is comprised of a network of veins and nerve endings, which, if damaged, may reduce an individual’s sensitivity. One of the many common sources of trauma that can affect penile sensitivity is frequent masturbation. Frequent masturbation, especially “dry” masturbation, can result in damage to penis cell neurons and a loss of sensitivity. Other trauma may include injury to the groin or penis that can result in decreased blood flow to the area.

Symptoms – Difficulty reaching orgasm even after extended periods of sexual activity. Failure to climax or ejaculate. Diminished pleasure.

Treatment – Depending on the nature of the trauma you may find that simply ceasing sexual activity for a period of time may help restore some or most of the sensation in the penis. Increasing blood flow to the area may also help increase sensation. Use of lubricants while engaging in sexual activity may help prevent loss of sensation in the future.

Medication– A variety of medications may inhibit an individual’s ability to achieve an erection and/or reach climax. Among medications that may affect penile sensation are medications used to treat depression, anxiety and/or heart disease.

Symptoms – Loss of sensation may be concurrent with use of new medication. Failure to reach climax, loss of sensitivity and diminished pleasure may be symptoms of this cause. Many medications may also affect an individual’s ability to have or maintain an erection.

Treatment – Consult with your physician regarding changing medication, side effects of current medication and/or alternative treatments.

Health Related – Other health problems may play a role in diminished penile sensitivity. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and a number of other factors may result in diminished penile sensitivity.

Symptoms – If you are aware of another health problem that may be affecting your sexual performance you may experience a general loss of sensation in the penis; diminished sensitivity; and/or difficulty having or maintaining an erection.

Treatment – Consult your physician for alternative medications. Exercise and diet may play a role in your overall health and, ultimately, in penile sensitivity.

Sexual Anhedonia – Also sometimes referred to as Ejaculatory Anhedonia, Sexual Anhedonia is a condition of decreased penile sensation. Causes may include low libido, low testosterone levels, spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis and or fatigue.

Symptoms – For many men suffering from sexual anhedonia, the symptoms may simply seem like part of regular life. Some men may develop anhedonia as a result of a physical illness or other medical diagnosis.

Symptoms – may include ability to ejaculate without accompanying pleasure.

Treatment – Some physicians may prescribe bupropion, which is used as an anti-depressant and a quit-smoking aid. A doctor or psychotherapist may prescribe additional treatment.

There is a penis health crème that helps many men suffering from penis skin and nerve issues. It contains penis specific vitamins and minerals to offset penis vein and nerve damage and penis connective tissue damage and can help restore overall penis health and sensitivity.

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Source by John Dugan