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Not to mention… I know you or someone you love has been diagnosed with diabetes. Your recent blood sugar test has indicated that you were far away from normal blood sugar levels. You are feeling like your life is over now. How will you raise your family? How will you run your business? And so on… There are plenty of unanswered questions roaming in your mind.

If you are going through the above scenario then let me tell you the truth; being diagnosed with diabetes does not mean that now you can’t reach the stars. The truth is you can still become an engineer, politician or a successful businessman. Life is not over with diabetes. What it require is just a little bit of change in the lifestyle. If you achieve normal blood sugar level ranges then you can achieve anything.

Your health care professional can guide that how often you should check blood glucose levels. Initially you may require repeated blood glucose tests at home but after a while you’ll have a better control on your diabetes and the number of blood glucose tests would be reduced. Blood glucose level testing needs a test strip and a drop of blood. The result will indicate whether your blood glucose levels are in the required range or not.

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

Hypoglycemia is a condition faced by many diabetics from time to time. It is a phase of low blood sugar levels. Following are the symptoms of hypoglycemia.

· Feeling tired

· Uncontrolled yawning

· An inability to think or speak clearly

· Loss of coordination of muscles

· Twitching

· Seizures

· Excessive sweating

· Loss of consciousness

· Becoming excessively pale

· Feeling of being passing out

Doctors strongly recommend that all diabetics must carry a minimum of 15 gm of simple carbohydrates; like any candy or glucose tablet. These carbohydrates are the best source of energy that help to raise blood sugar levels. If these fast acting carbohydrates don’t seem to work within 15 minutes then it is recommended that you must take another dose of this quick snack.

Diabetics must teach their family, co-workers and friends the symptoms of hypoglycemia and what can be done if a person has a hypoglycemia attack. It is also recommended to carry glucagon,in case of any emergency. It is given with the help of injection for rapidly increasing the blood glucose level. If the diabetic person is unconscious and is unable to eat or drink then the other person can raise his blood glucose levels by giving him a shot of glucagon.

Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar Levels)

Hyperglycemia is the phase of increased blood sugar levels. Most diabetics have to face this stage even if they are eating according to the diabetic diet plan and exercising regularly. General causes of hyperglycemia are feeling sick or stressed or eating more than the required portion.

Following Are The Common Symptoms Of Hyperglycemia

· Recurrent urge to urinate

· Extreme thirst

· Blurriness in vision

· Extreme fatigue

It is not difficult to control the symptoms of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. The person only requires right knowledge and quick tips to achieve normal blood sugar levels.

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