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As a matter of fact, type two diabetes takes a relatively short time to develop. The first symptoms include increased urge for urination. This is because the body will try to get rid of the excess glucose and hence it is diluted with water.

Excessive thirst is also experienced; glucose is not converted in the body causing fatigue. Weight loss is also experienced, even though one has an increased appetite. After sometime, one also feels sick and also experiences blurred vision. Irritation of the genitals as well as thrush may be experienced.

However, if this type of diabetes is not promptly treated, it extends to the next stage. During this stage, ketones produced by the body start building up. The build up of ketones in the body makes the symptoms even worse. In this case, the symptoms include vomiting, stomach pains, increased breathing and pulse rate and sleepiness. If the disease is not treated at this stage, it can lead to a coma or death.

To diagnose diabetes, various tests are carried out. These tests include the urinary analysis which show the glucose and ketone levels. The random blood glucose test, insulin test as well as the C-peptide test.


Maintaining the type one diabetes is the best thing as it makes one healthy and alive. Since diabetes affects most body parts, it is always advisable to control it. Controlling this type of diabetes does not only help in keeping the diabetes under control, but also reduces its chances of worsening. Type 1 diabetes can lead to limb, eyes as well as destruction of the internal organs.

There are however instructions that must be followed by anyone with the ailment. For instance, the treatment should be followed. In this case, the prescribed insulin should be taken at the proper time and in the designated amounts. It is always advisable to check one’s glucose levels, as it shows the progress. The sugar levels should always be balanced. In this case, knowing how to treat diabetes will not only reduce the symptoms but will also save your life.

Maintaining a healthy diet should also be achieved. This means that when diabetes one is diagnosed, one has to observe good eating habits. In this case, one has to take plenty of vegetables and avoid fatty meat. In connection to this, lean proteins are recommended. This calls for eating a balanced diet containing 50% vegetables, 25% saturated fat meat and 25% of whole grains. On the other hand, healthy snacks such as yoghurt, tomatoes and carrots are highly recommended.

On the other hand, fast foods should be avoided. These include foods with added sugars, high fructose corn syrup and fried foods. Foods such as cereals should also be avoided, sweets, white rice, white sugar as well as peanut butter.

As a matter of fact, maintaining a healthy diet is the best thing one can do to their health. It is relatively unhealthy to feed poorly and on the other hand, trying to balance the blood sugar with foods containing natural sugars.

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Source by Ian Greaves