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Diabetes comes from Greek word that means “to siphon” . Polyurea (Excessive urination) is most common symptom of diabetes. Excessive water comes out of the body of a person as if it were being siphoned from the mouth through the urinary system out of the body. Mellitus is a Latin word that means “sweet like honey”. The urine of a person with diabetes contains sugar. So due to high level of sugar in urine we call it as Mellitus.

Diabetes is a chronic disease affecting people all over the world. People suffering from diabetes mellitus are increasing in number day by day, now a days diabetes mellitus is also considered as an epidemic.

Good news about diabetes mellitus is that it is a treatable condition.If you are recently diagnosed as a patient of diabetes, you should not get worry about this, with such a few changes in your life style and proper treatment can make you get rid of diabetes. Your doctor is not completely responsible for controlling your diabetes unless you take care of you yourself.

What is definition of Diabetes Mellitus? Diabetes Mellitus is a group of disorders produced due to complete lack of Insulin or insufficient Insulin production, resulting in high abnormal levels of blood glucose which leads to polyurea (Increase frequency of urine) increase thirst and weight loss.

It is estimated that 16 million people of America have diabetes, about one-third of them do not know they have it as it is also considered as a silent killer, having no symptoms at-all. 800,000 new cases of diabetes mellitus are diagnosed every year. About 6 percent of USA population is affected by this disease and it is projected that nearly nine percent of all Americans will have diabetes by the year 2025.

How does diabetes occur? Our body is composed of million of cells. Cells are like machines, which need fuel for proper functioning.This fuel or energy comes from glucose, fat and proteins. Glucose is main source of energy for cells. Excessive glucose is stored in liver and muscle cells in form of glycogen,between meals this glycogen will change into glucose and provide energy to cells.

Patients of diabetes mellitus are unable to use glucose as source of energy. Insulin is a hormone secreted by Pancreas. Insulin is responsible for entering glucose in to the cells which is used as a source of energy. In diabetes their are two possibilities, either pancreas totally stops producing insulin or there is insufficient insulin, in both cases level of glucose in blood increases as glucose remain out of cells.

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