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If you are one of the 60 million Americans with Prediabetes, here are some encouraging ideas. You have almost a 100% chance to overcome any of the clinical factors that may accompany this label without taking on drop of prescribed medication.

You do however need to overhaul of your diet but this is not the only issue with this syndrome. A wise move to enhance your mental and spiritual level, and practice an energy enhancing exercise can make your symptoms disappear. Developing such mind/ body/ sprit skills will serve you with your overall health now and in your future aging.

Here is the good news part. Right now you body is responding at these 3 levels – there is a physical response to a carbohydrate imbalanced diet, a mental response expressed as craving for foods that quickly metabolize into sugar, and a spiritual level that tells you that certain carbohydrates and possibly alcohol is what you need to sustain joy.

This can be corrected by opening awareness to this mind, body, spirit connection to illness and consequently taking action. As a matter of fact any medication taken at this time can put stress on your liver, possible already stressed out from processing too much sugar and alcohol, but not offer any healing.

Real satisfying will come with a determination to naturally take care of your own wellness and a new resolve to not rely on medication to do it for you.

Here is where a wellness practice comes in to boost success to beat Prediabetes. Keep in mind that wellness is a mind, body, spirit process to secure your wholeness. So if you take this route you must deal with the situation as 3 dimensional. What’s so good about this is that many have done this before and have been successful and have left a blueprint that you can follow all the way to success.

I am speaking from the voice of experience. When I was in my forties because of my family links to diabetes, I suspected that my light headed symptoms and fainting spells was associated with hypoglycemia or I was becoming pre-diabetic. Since I did not want to be labeled a Prediabetic, IGT – impaired glucose tolerance or hypoglycemic and be stuck in a syndrome of IGT that could proceed to diabetes I decided to nip it in the bud.

My Prediabetes symptoms soon disappeared and that is all it was, revoking symptoms instead of dealing with a disease and all the drama that the clinical world can create around a blood test results. I did not fight! Nor did I march or pay exorbitant medical bills or waste a lot of time in doctors’ visits or clinical labs…

But here is what I did do. I decided to become more mentally and spiritually aware of my whole life situation. To quiet my mind at the time, I found a great meditation teacher. I discovered that it is true that meditation releases and enhances the quality of your brain energy and creativity. Once I learned to quiet my mind, Ii was able to creatively focus on this situation without a lot of negative mental chatter. I now had energy to create a lifestyle that helped me to maintain normal blood sugar.

I am now quite well. I get a through yearly check from my wellness physician and for the past 20 years I have had no symptoms of diabetes or blood sugar imbalances.

The first thing that improved was my attitude; I was ready. I became grateful for the opportunity to truly fine tune my diet and looked forward to experiencing the liveliness of balanced energy. Gratitude made it easy for me to accept that some habits had to permanently disappear. Gratitude is a quality of the spirit.

I also found that I was ready to take time and mental, spiritual and physical effort to achieve success…

Another remarkable thing I learned is to trust my own intuition about my well being. This led me to yoga a most balancing energetic process that helped me to appreciate breathing and free oxygen, the molecule that physically runs the energetic process of human bodies.

By now you can get that this is all about developing a healthier lifestyle with a purpose. So regardless of my genetic predisposition, I triumphed.

In the process of cleaning up my lifestyle I became awed by the power of fresh food. Since I was aging so well, I shared these, age without diabetes, recipes in a book. It is now immensely easier for anyone going through this experience to get a handle on the eating part of this process. Every recipe in this book is written with the idea of managing functional hypoglycemia (FH). Because of the amount of processed food available and the introduction of large sugary drinks served with food at fast food places FH is rampant in the US society. So you are not alone. You can also work with a wellness coach to make a smooth transition to a healthier you.

So instead of sulking or OMGing or feeling sorry or angry, all you need to do is change your mind about health, clean up your eating habits and add a few energetic processes like yoga and meditation to your lifestyle. Expect to be amazed at the power of food, sunshine and movement. You heart will sing because you will ultimately be protecting yourself from heart disease. This is what my mother would call a lagniappe.

And, the pharmaceutical industry will not be so pleased because they will miss out on getting the profits of someone living with disease until the day they die. When it comes to this industry -Building Wellness Kills Profits. I would say that the ball is now in your court.

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Source by Celia Westberry