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Ask yourself these few questions:

1. Do you wake up each morning with tingling hands?

2. Do your feet tingle every time you sit down?

3. Do you just blame it on “sleeping on” your feet or hands?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then I’m glad you’re reading this. The tingling or numbness in your hands and feet may be a warning sign of diabetes.

This sensation of tingling or numbness has alternative names such as:

* Loss of sensation

* Neuropathy

* Paresthesias

* Restless leg syndrome

* Sensory loss

Type 2 diabetes is gradual and many people aren’t aware that they have it. Diabetes is a condition that causes the blood sugar level to be higher than normal. This high blood glucose, among other things, damages the nervous system causing the sensation of tingling or numbness.

If you’re not sure if you have diabetes, look at these symptoms:

* Blurry vision

* Constant Numbness

* Constant Tingling

* Excessive thirst

* Extreme hunger

* Frequent urination

* Increased fatigue

* Irritability

* Unusual weight loss

Don’t self-diagnose diabetes. You must see a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis. Still, you should keep a log when you notice these symptoms so you will be able to intelligently answer questions your medical professional will need to ask you.

Though not a complete list, some of the medical complications caused by diabetes are:

* Eye Disease

* Heart Disease

* Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose)

* Kidney Disease

* Kidney Failure

* Stomach Nerve Damage

* Stroke

* Urologic Problems

The reason why tingling or numbness isn’t caught in time before it gets serious is because these sensations are similar to the feeling of having a foot or a hand “fall asleep.”

Tingling and numbness is defined as an inability to feel anything when it touches your skin. Thus, the “falling asleep” sensation.

Tingling or numbness can be serious. Call your doctor immediately


1. You have a rash.

2. You have dizziness, muscle spasm, or other unusual symptoms.

3. You have tingling or numbness has no obvious cause like them “falling asleep”

4. You have tingling or numbness in the fingers and/or wrists.

5. You have tingling or numbness in your legs and it worsens when you walk around.

6. You have pain in your neck, forearms, or fingers.

7. You urinate more often.

These symptoms of tingling and/or numbness will be worse at nighttime.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your life is not over and you definitely aren’t alone. If you want something to help keep your diabetes under control, Diamaxol is a safe and effective product that will help you take control of your diabetes so your diabetes won’t take control of you.

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Source by Elle VanHamagansky