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ijCare Blood Sugar Test KitijCare Blood Sugar Test Kit

Not only is the ijCare Test Kit incredibly accurate, but it’s also the most affordable medical-grade kit, too! Because unlike other kits all our ongoing consumables are well priced. So why not start with ijCare today!?

Here’s What’s Inside the ijCare Blood Glucose Testing Kit

Oh’Care Lite Meter with Auto-Eject Strip Function (81 x 52mm)
110x Oh’Care Lite Strips featuring the latest Biosensor Technology
125x ijCare Lancets (Less Pain)
Level 2 Control Solution
Lancing Device with Five (5) Depth Settings, and Auto-Eject Function
Logbook to track results
3V Batteries Included
Luxury Faux-leather Carry Case
Manuals for all components PLUS Video Walkthrough

Oh'Care Lite blood sugar test kit

Oh'Care Lite blood sugar test kit

Oh'Care Lite diabetes testing strip

Oh'Care Lite diabetes testing strip

ijCare lancets 30g

ijCare lancets 30g

The Oh’Care Lite Meter

This FDA Approved, auto-coding meter reminds you when to test and stores up to 365 results! It only takes 5 seconds and a small 0.5µg droplet to get your reading. ISO Standardized so you know it’s accurate as well as affordable.

110x Oh’Care Lite Strips

Our Oh’Care Strips feature the latest biosensor technology for precise results. Not just FDA approved and ISO standardized, but our test strips are tested against the YSI 2300 Auto Analyzer in 3 separate labs for accuracy.

125x Pain Less ijCare Lancets

You didn’t ask to be sick, so why should you struggle with painful finger pricks and equally terrible prices? ijCare Lancets are not only affordable, but when you combine it with our 5-Depth Lancing Device you control the physical pain too.

Oh'Care Lite blood sugar test kit control solution

Oh'Care Lite blood sugar test kit control solution

lancing device

lancing device

ijcare accessories

ijcare accessories

Level 2 Control Solution

While we can’t tell you what you should do, we can say the FDA, ISO and American Diabetic Association all say you must test your meter with a diabetes control solution so you can maintain accuracy – so we include it in your kit as our gift!

Medical Grade Lancing Device

Forget about lancing devices that don’t work or are too rough. Our reusable Lancet Device has five (5) depth settings so YOU get to choose what’s right for your finger prick. Also features one touch auto eject function for ease of use.

iJCare Accessories

Your order today also comes with batteries, handy logbook to track results, luxury carry case, manuals and video walkthrough so your entire ijCare experience is accurate and comfortable from finger prick to results!

Enhanced Accuracy!

Enhanced AccuracyEnhanced Accuracy

Enhanced Accuracy!

· After inserting your test strip, make sure the code number on the test strip bottle and your display screen are the same. You don’t want to accidentally use MISMATCHED test strips!

· Once you’ve removed a strip from the bottle, close it IMMEDIATELY because leaving it open will damage the strips

· Keep strips at the recommended storage temperature and out of direct sunlight, high temps and humidity and NEVER use them after the expired date!

And of course, clean your hands properly because any foreign materials on your test strip will affect your readings. Take care, with ijCare!

Enhanced Accuracy!

Venous Whole BloodVenous Whole Blood

Precautions For Precise Blood Glucose Measurements

1. Prior to testing, use lukewarm water to wash the area from which the blood sample is to be obtained, or wipe it clean with alcohol.

Foreign substances can interfere with precision of blood measurements, due to contamination.

2. Wipe away the blood that first emerges, then use the next blood drop for testing.

3. Immediately take a measurement, after blood has been obtained from the fingertip.

Once a blood drop forms, delay in testing will make results inaccurate.
In case a blood drop does not form, do not squeeze the finger forcefully, but rather adjust the lancing device level upward to a greater number, then lance again.

4. Blood must be collected into the test strip at one time.

Do not touch the test strip end to the blood multiple times.
Blood must not be placed onto the test strip, but rather wicked up into the open edge.

5. After taking a test strip out of the bottle for use, be sure to close the cap immediately.

Use as soon as possible any test strip taken out for use.
Before testing, be careful not to let any foreign matter into the blood inlet of the test strip.
A reagent coating, designed to react with blood, will become damaged if the test strip is exposed to air for a long time, and accurate measurement cannot be made.

6. If continual problems with measurements persist, check the results by using control solution.

ACCURATE + RELIABLE: Everyone agrees accuracy and precision is the most important thing. So we took the extra step to meet the new ISO-15197:2013 requirements. But you’d be surprised to know many diabetic supplies products and sugar monitoring kits don’t! Not only is ours FDA approved, ISO standardized, but our glucose test strips are tested against the YSI 2300 Auto Analyzer in 3 separate labs.
EASY TO USE, NO CODING! It takes just 5 sec and a small 0.5µg droplet to get your reading. The blood sugar monitor and lancing device both come with a slight touch ejection to release used strips and lancets with no fuss. You’ll get printed manuals and an easy to follow video to guide you. Your Oh’Care Lite Meter is Auto-Coding, so select only affordable Oh’Care Lite Strips when it’s time to refill.
ADJUSTABLE LANCET: Forget about lancing devices that don’t work or are too rough. You have your preference, so you’ll love our reusable Lancet Device with its five (5) depth settings! Yes, YOU get to choose what’s comfortable for you. Your diabetic monitoring kit also comes with 125x HurtLess Lancets.
AFFORDABLE AND SAFE: As soon as your blood sugar monitoring kit arrives, test it using the Control Solution and complete the 3-Year Meter Warranty. View our “Stock Up and Save” Deals for replacement lancets, strips and solution – Love your ijCare Monitor Kit, and the satisfaction of knowing exactly what your blood glucose is doing (… and affordably) or we’ll refund every cent. Order Now with ijCare.