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Routinely checking your blood sugar is critical for your day-to-day diabetes management. With just a few simple steps, the ONE-CARE blood glucose test strips paired with our ONE-CARE meter helps you self-monitor your sugar levels so you can treat accordingly. You only need a small 0.5µL blood sample to test, and results will be delivered within 5 seconds. The ONE-CARE system requires no coding and measures glucose levels using the GOD enzyme method. The compact device easily fits in a purse, pocket or bag for fast, accurate testing at home or on the go.

We know managing your diabetes can be challenging. Our high-tech glucometer simplifies testing and makes it easier to monitor your blood sugar levels with instant 14-day averaging and a 500-test memory for reviewing past test results.

The ONE-CARE glucose monitor is designed with your needs in mind. Its large display screen displays easy-to-read numbers along with the current date and time of the reading. The buttons are bigger to be user friendly for the elderly, and the device has optional USB wired data transmission. Users can download results directly from the meter to their PC.

The ONE-CARE blood glucose monitoring system does not require a prescription and works with ONE-CARE test strips. For added convenience, alternative site testing allows blood samples to be taken from your fingertips or palms. Use the hygienic test strip release ejector after testing to release the soiled strip and reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

The complete ONE-CARE kit includes 1 blood glucose meter with batteries, 10 blood sugar test strips with a longer 24-month shelf life, 1 adjustable depth lancing device, 10 sterilized lancets, a protective carrying case and a user’s manual. Get your kit today and trust ONE-CARE with your diabetes care!

IN DEPTH MONITORING: ONE-CARE blood sugar monitors provide instant 14-day averaging information and have a 500 test memory so you can review past test results right on the machine with your doctor
USER FRIENDLY FEATURES: The compact blood sugar tester is easy to carry and has a large display screen with easy to read numbers, bigger buttons, and optional mini USB socket
EASY OPERATION: Insert a ONE-CARE blood glucose strip, apply a blood sample from your fingertip or palm, and touch the hygienic test strip ejector to discard the used strip after checking your results
KITS INCLUDE: This diabetic home test kit includes 1 blood glucose meter with batteries, 10 blood sugar test strips, 1 adjustable depth lancing device, 10 sterilized lancets, carrying case, and manual

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