The fight against diabetes is a real issue in our country today. Diabetes occurs when the glucose and sugar regulates improperly in the body resulting in poor functioning of the pancreas. Those that have diabetes are also linked with health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Syntra-5 TBS-5 is a product that has been proven to aid in the fight against diabetes and other health issues surrounding it. This product has been deemed so effective that Dr. Vern, an author, advocate, and nationally recognized medical physician, recommends it in his book “The Diabetes Cure”. Here are a few astonishing results from those who have used Syntra-5TBS-5

Experienced a -107 drop in fasting blood sugar

Experienced a -60% drop in Hemoglobin A1c

Experienced a -14% drop in blood pressure

Experienced a -22% drop in cholesterol

Experienced a -20% drop in Triglycerides

*These results are from a double-blind clinical trial over a period of 90 days.

How Syntra-5 TBS-5 works

Syntra-5 TBS-5 contains phytochemicals which blocks fat synthesis by its involvement in the Krebs cycle, a process associated with our cells converting energy into fuel. This process results in more food being converted into cellular energy rather than fat. Also, these compounds have been found to help in the area of hunger by nearly doubling the rate at which food is converted to glucose by the liver. Thus, Syntr-5 TBS -5 is called, by some, the “total body health solution”.


C. C. of Dallas TX wrote about taking Syntra-5 when their blood sugar was around 580 which was of great concern. With just on week of taking Synra-5 their blood sugar levels were under 200.

G.D. of Erial NJ wrote that after taking Syntra-5 for only three days their levels were down from 168 to 96, 96, 98,100, and 113. Today G.D. reports having lost 54 pounds reduced their cholesterol from 525 to 127, of having their good cholesterol go from 32 to 45, and their triglycerides went from 2200 to 120.

Alan of Stockholm, WI wrote that his doctor became impressed with consistent fasting levels in the low 120’s and after meal readings between 90 and 120.

*Based on independent research, it seems that Syntra-5TBS-5 does indeed work. It is also important to practice a health lifestyle that is based on a good diet combined with a consistent exercise program.

Source by Lisa Grier