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Doctor’s Choice! The right product according to the research. Seamless toe and moisture management, fast-dry wicking fabric, and full-cushioned foot to protect against ulcers, blisters, and foot sores common to diabetics and people with neuropathy or nerve damage. Soft stretch, non-binding leg make socks easy to pull on and off, and relieve tension around the ankle and leg for a ring-free, comfortable top.

The Doctor’s Choice 4-Pair Pack Diabetic Circulatory socks contain 94% Fast-Dry Moisture Wicking Polyester, 4% Rubber which holds the non-binding leg up and in place, and 2% Spandex that helps the foot of the sock form to your feet. Generally it isn’t best for Diabetics to wear socks made of cotton, as cotton absorbs and holds moisture which can cause sores and blisters.
Improve circulation, and protect against dangerous foot sores and ulcers.
IMPORTANT: The Doctor’s Choice Diabetic Circulatory Sock is intended to be non-binding, not a compression sock. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding proper hosiery and footwear for Diabetics.
Great sock for walkers, diabetics, pre-diabetics, office workers, middle-age, elderly, over-weight, or anyone looking for a comfortable and relaxed fit.
Based out of North Carolina, we are committed to our customers. Our team takes pride in making quality socks that are upper-level therapeutic and affordable. No shortcuts, just socks made right!

Doctor's Choice Diabetic Circulatory Cushioned Crew & Quarter SocksDoctor's Choice Diabetic Circulatory Cushioned Crew & Quarter Socks

Doctor's Choice Diabetic Circulatory Quarter Sock

Doctor's Choice Diabetic Circulatory Quarter Sock

Doctor's Choice Diabetic Circulatory Crew Sock

Doctor's Choice Diabetic Circulatory Crew Sock

Doctor's Choice Diabetic non-binding leg quarter sock

Doctor's Choice Diabetic non-binding leg quarter sock

Doctor's Choice Diabetic Crew Sock

Doctor's Choice Diabetic Crew Sock

Quarter Length Socks

Crew Length Socks

Non-Binding Top

Smooth, Seamless Toe

Seamless Toe

Cushioned Foot

Odor Resistant

Copper, Silver, Zinc Antimicrobial Fibers

Moisture Wicking Yarns

Abrasion Resistant Channels

Mesh Ventilation

Aloe Infused to Prevent Cracked Skin

Doctor's Choice Wellness SocksDoctor's Choice Wellness Socks

The Doctor’s Choice Mission

Here at Doctor’s Choice, we were surprised to discover that many of our relatives were unaware that socks existed to address ailments that affect the feet.

After a thorough market search, we concluded that no brand is doing a good job of making great socks for issues such as diabetes, neuropathy, varicose veins, etc.…and there are almost zero colors or fashion choices. Even worse, a lot of socks marketed as “helpful” actually offer no real benefits and could be harmful.

So we set out to build a fix with the Doctor’s Choice line of socks. After tons of research, wear tests, and doctor consultations, we ended up with really great socks that actually work. So if you, or a relative, just want your feet and lower legs to feel better, you’ll want to wear the Doctor’s Choice.

AVOID DANGER with moisture management, wicking synthetic fibers that regulate temperature and keep feet warm to aid circulation.
EASY ON soft stretch construction provides a relaxed fit that is easy to pull and off. Loose fit reduces constriction around the leg and diminishes likelihood of rings.
SEAMLESS TOE FOR NO BUNCHING OR ABRASION for blister-free safety. Avoid injuries associated with neuropathy and numbness.
RELAX AND ENJOY LIFE without worrying about your feet. Doctor’s Choice circulatory socks have all the medically recommended features to keep your feet healthy. Built with the right yarns, proper cushion, seamless toe, and soft stretch, non-binding tops…you can focus on your day and not your socks. Live comfortably and content in Doctor’s Choice. Large – Men’s Shoe Size 8-12. Women’s Shoe Size 10-13.