8 Diabetes Symptoms That You Shouldn’t Ignore Updated for 2022

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Updated: November 14, 2022

There are 8 diabetes symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore because if you do, you could cause yourself harm and eventually death if not treated immediately. As soon as you recognise these symptoms you should seek medical advice immediately to see if you have actually developed diabetes.

The 8 symptoms of diabetes that you shouldn’t ignore are:

  • Being tired constantly – If you are constantly feeling tired no matter how much rest or sleep you are getting could be a sign of diabetes. You become tired because your body’s cells are not getting enough glucose fuel as it requires. Even though there is enough insulin, your body becomes resistant
  • Having an increase in thirst – If you notice that you seem to be drinking a lot more than usual, you need to be aware that this could be a sign of diabetes as well
  • Increased hunger – Feeling hungry all the time and not being able to satisfy your hunger is also a sign of diabetes
  • Weight loss – Losing weight unexpectedly is one of the signs of diabetes
  • Having blurred vision – Not being able to see clearly with or without glasses can also be a symptom of diabetes. The lenses of your eyes shrink and swell as your blood glucose falls and rises, this causes your vision to blur because your eyes cannot adjust quickly enough to these changes in the lenses of your eyes
  • Leg cramps – Getting leg cramps, especially if you have never had this problem before can be a sign of diabetes. Sadly this is also due to long term complications of diabetes called neuropathy. Neuropathy actually takes five years or more to develop in a person that is diabetic
  • Increased urine output – Having to constantly go to the bathroom can be a symptom of diabetes as well, you need to be very careful as this can cause you to become dehydrated and this will in turn leave you thirsty
  • Wounds that won’t heal – Skin conditions and infections, itchiness and wounds that just won’t heal no matter what you do can be a symptom of diabetes. Your white blood cells are the cells that help with the healing process of your body against infections; these do not function well if your body has high glucose levels, which occurs in diabetics. Bugs unfortunately thrive in a high glucose environment which leaves your body as a diabetic especially prone to infections

The 8 diabetes symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore are vital to recognise early as these can become potentially dangerous and lead to the many complications that are associated with this terrible disease we call diabetes.

Source by S Kennedy

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