CPAP, a Life Saving Machine!

Sleep Apnea can be a life threatening problem for the millions who have it. Sleep apnea occurs when the upper airway passage becomes narrow during sleep, causing the muscles to relax. Once the muscles relaxes there is a reduction of oxygen in the blood which in turn causes many people to gasp for air, arousing […]

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Diabetes black market: She gets insulin from Canada to help those who can't afford it

Insulin is the difference between life and death for people with type-1 Diabetes. They say they are tired of watching the cost of the drug continue to increase in … source

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The Quinoa Master Cookbook, A Book Review

You don’t have to sell me on quinoa; my son first informed me of the advantages of the grain. By the way, many advocate that it is a seed and not a grain, but grains are seeds too. Thanks to his information I discovered that our local university’s agricultural research department is focusing on this […]

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Doctors About World Diabetes Day | World Diabetes Day | IDEA Clinics | hmtv News

Watch HMTV Live ▻ #WorldDiabetesDay ##IDEAClinics HMTV is the most credible Telugu News channel. Watch HMTV News … source

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Why Diabetes Skin Care Is So Important

Diabetics can suffer from dry skin, often caused by high or fluctuating blood sugar levels. Not only do high levels cause your body to lose fluid, but diabetes can cause you to sweat less, which is one of your body’s ways of coping with dry skin. Drinking plenty of water can help you stay hydrated, […]

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Spongebob Lost Episode: "Patrick's Diabetes" – The Bad News (Part II) by The Shadow Reader

DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!! For anyone out there who happens to be new here, I’d like to introduce myself. source

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Bringing Diabetes Under Control

Having diabetes has changed the routines of your life. You now have an extra burden of daily tasks necessary to keep it under control. But if you have type 2 diabetes, it probably resulted partly from not keeping diet and exercise under control. Because the daily necessity of checking blood sugar and taking insulin or […]

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NEWS: Keine Fruchtsäfte für Kinder! – Dropsätze – Ketose bei Diabetes Typ 1 – Schlaf wichtig

Den Kanal auf Patreon unterstützen: Werbung für meine eigenen Produkte und Seiten: ❤ Buch: Quick Keto Guide: … source

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Book Review – Dana Carpender "How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds"

After reading “Diabetes Solution” by Dr Bernstein we came across the name “Dana Carpender” and bought her 500 Low Carb recipes book. In a number of related books, we found that her book “How I gave up my low-fat diet and lost 40 pounds – and how you can too!” came highly recommended. As a […]

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SPECIAL DISCUSSION | Beat Diabetes | 23 DEC 2018 | NEWS18 LOKMAT

Follow us: News18 India’s leading News Network, and the Lokmat Group, Maharashtra’s … source

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